Reliable Electronic Recycling
& Data Destruction

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Our Mission is to Make Proper Disposal of Electronic Waste Convenient & Secure.

free of charge

Services we provide

Free Onsite Pickup
Onsite pickup for your: Business, Data Center, Medical Facility, Municipality, Office, or School.
Hard Drive Shredder
Shred Hard Drives

We welcome to to use hard drive destruction service. Includes Certificate of Destruction & HIPAA compliant.

Data Destruction
Our hard drive data destruction is provided free of charge. Safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant.
Drop off electronics
Electronics Drop Off
Take advantage of our Free Drop Off recycling service. Bring your old electronics to Ecycle Atlanta.
Atlanta computer recycling services include free pickups for businesses, offices, medical facilities, data centers, schools and other commercial buidlings.
We shred all hard drives - absolutely no charge.
Based on 38 reviews
October 30, 2023
Thanks Guys, you've made my day, I really appreciate the assistance you provided. Professional and helpful. I recommend this business. I will return.
Sean Xe-Xem
Sean Xe-Xem
October 24, 2023
I arrived 5 minutes before closing. I checked the door and it was locked. In my frustration I slammed my Palms against the windows. And then the guy with the most reassuring and nicest smile came to the door and said oh it's cool man, let me help you out. Thank you so much. I don't have a lot of time before I need to move. Your associate Sebastian really saved my day.
Chinmayi Kankipati
Chinmayi Kankipati
October 13, 2023
Called, had a real person answer, and had a pickup scheduled within 15 minutes. Jeff is awesome and kind, if you need an pickup for your old electronics this is the place to call!
Bernie Branson
Bernie Branson
June 28, 2023
I had 6 old hard drives that I'd been keeping around for security's sake. Took them (and a few old other electronic items) to the Peachtree Corners location. Super quick and super friendly. I watched the drives get shredded. Great, very convenient service - and no charge!
C Link
C Link
February 15, 2023
We used Ecycle Atlanta to pick up electronics from our office and the experience was great. They were specific to begin with on what electronics were allowed, responded in a timely manner, and when the electronics got picked up it was pretty straightforward. Also the staff is friendly, I would recommend this to anyone and will use their services when needed again!
December 29, 2022
Very good way to preserve the environment and avoid global warming
oliver self
oliver self
December 22, 2022
These guys make it easy to do the right thing with your old electronics-RECYCLE!! Just drive up to the delivery door, ring the bell and they take care of it. Do the right thing and support these guys for doing the right thing-RECYCLING! Highly recommend E-Cycle!
Shonda K.
Shonda K.
October 11, 2022
Location was not hard to find. Guy came out promptly but wasn’t very friendly and didn’t try to help me as I unloaded heavy items and put them in the recycle cart. He just stood there and watched me. UPDATE: I returned to E Cycle with a lot of electronic equipment. The young man came out promptly, got a cart and unloaded all of my equipment for recycle. Service was on point, so I tipped him. Thanks for this useful service!
max palacios
max palacios
August 18, 2022
Marcus was very helpful. Drop off was quick and easy. Will make sure to be back for any electronic drop off needs .
How it works

Free Electronics Recycling Pickup

Our Atlanta computer recycling services include free onsite pickups for:

Based on your schedule, we will come to your office and pickup your old electronics absolutely free, regardless of the amount.

There are no minimum requirements for our electronics recycling pickups, as we can handle anything from a few computers, to a truck load of servers. Plus, scheduling your free electronics recycling pickup is easy.

All data devices are destroy by shredding for your safety. Your security is our responsibility. 

No Charge!

accepted items

We often get questions on whether a particular electronic can be recycled for free.
Although it would be tough to include all the items that qualify, we think we’ve come close. Here is a helpful electronics recycling list of items that can be recycled free of charge.
Medical Equipment
Network Hardware
Phone Systems
How it works

Free Computer Recycling at Ecycle Atlanta

One of the ways we are able to provide our free electronics recycling service is by reducing the majority of the e-waste down to the component level. 

An example of this method of recycling computers would be to “harvest” the different components such as:
Recycling e-waste reduces the amount of raw materials that would need to be mined. Additionally, reusing these recycled components helps lower the cost of manufacturing of new products.

We believe that the best possible way to recycle is to return a piece of equipment to its original intended purpose. In the course of our business, we often encounter electronic items that are still technologically viable and have retained some of their original value.

Is Your Electronics and Computer Recycling Center Near Me for no charge?

Finding the location of an electronic waste recycling center within driving distance of Atlanta is not always easy.
Especially locating one that will recycle computers and other electronics for free.
However, you will find that our electronic drop off locations are conveniently close to major expressways such as I-75 and I-285.
Typically, most of our drop off customers are located in the metro Atlanta area. However, we do have clients who bring electronics to recycle from surrounding Georgia counties as well.

We make dropping off your old computers, laptops, and other electronics easy.

Click to reach our recycling center for your electronics drop off.