Ecycle Atlanta Computer Recycling

Our Atlanta computer recycling service is the easy solution for your company’s electronic waste. Easy, because we take care of all your E-scrap recycling needs, from start to finish. In fact, we provide everything from IT asset disposition to hard drive and data destruction. Think of us as your Atlanta computer recycling center.
Plus, our services are good for the environment. Our proven philosophy is to recycle, re-purpose or re-market whenever possible. Which means that we strive for an Earth friendly, Zero Landfill policy.
By following industry standard guidelines, we can all be environmentally responsible. Providing a green solution for your Atlanta computer recycling is the right thing to do. We want to increase your bottom line, not the landfill.

What do we charge? Nothing.

One of the questions that we are often asked is, “How much do you charge to come pick up our old computers?”  The short answer- nothing. We do not charge a fee.
The reason we can offer a free pick up and removal of your old IT equipment, is that many of the items still have some residual value. Even though a lot of the surplus hardware may be outdated or obsolete, we can still recycle it to the fullest potential. As such, our business model allows us to provide you with a free onsite pick up for all qualifying items.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

A: Yes. We provide free pick up to metro Atlanta businesses and surrounding areas.

A: No. We are able to accept all sizes and amounts.

A: You can wipe or sanitize the hard drive before you give it to us, or we can do it for you. Also, you have the option to physically damage the hard drive, or have us do it. Choose the option(s) that make you feel the most comfortable.

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept CRT monitors or televisions.

A: Yes. We can schedule a pick-up based on the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
30303       30305      30306      30307      30308       30309       30311          30312       30314      30315      30318      30319       30022       30328          30338      30342       30350      30075      30076       30009       30005

A: To reach our Atlanta Computer Recycling service simply contact Ecycle Atlanta: Call 678 324-9760  or email (

Atlanta computer recycling – Let’s get started!

Ecycle Atlanta makes it easy for your business to dispose of unwanted E-scrap. We provide free onsite pick up at your office or place of business. When it comes to Atlanta computer recycling and IT disposal, we’re here to help.
 Call 678 324-9760 to see how we may be of service.
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