E-Cycle Services

Ecycle Atlanta is your easy solution for IT recycling and asset recovery. We are a full-service computer and IT hardware recycler and are able to serve you in the following areas:


Using industry standard practices, we are able to reduce the majority of electronic waste down to the component level . Based on weight and volume, the harvested components are then shipped to the proper locations for final processing. This method ensures that all parts are reused in an environmentally sustainable method. From an economic standpoint, the cost of e-waste recycling is considerably less than mining the same amount of raw materials. Even better, it does wonders for our planet as well!


We believe that the best possible way to recycle is to be able to return a piece of equipment to its original intended purpose. In the course of our business, we often come across electronic items that are still technologically viable and have retained some of their original value. As such, we are able to offer these items to our list of preferred vendors, as well as other outlets in the secondary market.

Host an Ecycle Event:

Does your company have old computers and laptops that need to be recycled? Hosting an Ecycle Event at your office might just be the solution. Learn more with this guide How to Host an Ecycle Event.

Asset De-installations, Disposition and Removal:

Ecycle Atlanta’s onsite services can help lower your downtime and boost worker productivity. Our qualified team members are able to provide complete deinstallation and removal of equipment.

Hard Drive Data Sanitization and or Destruction:

Data security is a major concern for everyone, and something we take very seriously at Ecycle Atlanta. Our first priority in any job is to protect both the data and privacy of our clients. To accomplish this goal, we have the ability to implement any of the following methods:
  • Sanitization according to manufacturer’s standard.
  • Wiping drives to Department of Defense standards.
  • Physical blunt force to damage the drive beyond repair.
  • Hard drive shredding.
Let our experienced team provide you with peace of mind data destruction.