Host an Ecycle Event

Easy Three Step Guide to Properly Recycling Your Office Computers

Hosting an Ecycle Event is an easy way to benefit the environment. Old computers, laptops and other outdated IT equipment are often referred to as e-scrap or e-waste. Just as the name implies, what once used to be the “latest and greatest” in theĀ  technology world is now frequently considered obsolete. While today’s newer, faster, and smarter products are designed to make our lives easier, they also can create a problem: “How to get rid of all this e-waste?”
Like most businesses, your company probably has an area where you’ve stashed countless workstations, monitors, laptops, keyboards, servers, and other neglected IT odds and ends. In fact, you may even have an accumulation that fills an entire room. Although the multitude of e-scrap may be successfully hidden behind closed doors so that the public can’t see it, it’s still there. Even worse, your company has to pay to store all of the obsolete equipment. It’s staggering to calculate the cost to store old computers!
I would imagine that the space being consumed by the legacy equipment could be better used for other purposes.

Solution to the E-scrap Mess

Thankfully, there is an easy and profitable solution to the e-scrap mess – Host an Ecycle Event! Compared to just throwing your old PC into the dumpster (a Big No-No), an Ecycle Event provides you with some alternatives that are more eco-friendly.
These are our top three:
  1. Recycle
  2. Re-Purpose
  3. Re-Market
Let’s take a look at each of these options.


Using your old office desktop as an example, recycling a computer for scrap begins with removing the steel outer shell (case) and then disassembling the interior components.
The individual parts are then sorted according to categories: motherboard, RAM, power supply, processor, hard drives, etc. After being separated, the various parts are sent to specialized recycling centers where they are processed for steel, copper, and other metals. The refined end products can then be used in the manufacture of future goods.


Very similar to the above description of recycling, except that the individual parts can often be used for other purposes.
A good example of this option would be a computer that has been “scrapped” because it has a bad motherboard. Although non-productive in its current condition, some of the other components that are still working can be used as replacement parts. A power supply from the donor computer can be swapped for a faulty one in a recipient computer, thus extending the life of the equipment.


Perhaps the best way of recycling is the continued use of a piece of equipment based on its intended purpose.
A simple illustration of this would be that of a corporation upgrading their existing phone system to one that provides more options (bells and whistles). The old phone system is then purchased by a start up company that can not afford the more advanced product. However, the older system still allows the new company to operate (make and receive calls) while greatly reducing their initial expenditures. By remarketing, the business phone system remains in use and fulfills its intended purpose.

How to Host Ecycle Event

It is amazing how easy recycling old IT equipment can be!

Simply follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 – Set a date and get the word out.
  • Everybody in the company needs to know about this golden opportunity to recycle.
  • In addition to the work related computers, laptops, servers, etc., there may be items at home to bring in.
  • Here is a handy list of qualifying items that will help take the guess work out of what to include.
Step 2 – Gather all the donations and call us for pick up.
  • Having a centralized location for drop offs will streamline the donation process.
  • Based on your schedule, we will come to your office and pick up all of the e-scrap.
  • Of course the pick up and removal is done free of charge.
Step 3 – Say “good-bye” to your e-waste.
  • You can now breathe easy knowing that your old IT equipment is being properly recycled.
  • And that’s all there is to it.
See, we told you hosting an Ecycle Event was easy!

To get started

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