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mobile onsite hard drive shredding

Ecycle Atlanta provides free on-site hard drive shredding for businesses, data centers, and other facilities. In addition, we offer a serialized certificate of destruction when required. Both the mobile hard drive shredding, as well as the certificate of destruction containing the serial numbers, are provided at no charge.
In essence, our onsite hdd destruction service is the same shredding process that we provide at our e-waste recycling center. The only difference is the location.

mobile hard drive destruction

The terms mobile hard drive shredding and onsite hard drive destruction are often used interchangeably. Regardless of the name, though, both terms refer to our hard drive shredding service that is conducted at our customer’s location. In a nutshell, we bring our industrial hard drive shredder to your building and destroy the hard disks onsite.
What is really impressive about our Atlanta onsite hard drive destruction service is that it is completely self-contained.
All the necessary equipment, such as the shredder and generator, are built into the truck. Because the shred truck is self-sufficient, it can be parked at a location that is easily accessible to the building. From there, the hard drives can be brought to the truck to begin the process of on-site hard drive destruction.
Also, it is good to mention that our hard drive shredder is surprisingly quiet. There is no need to worry about any loud noises coming from the parking lot.
This picture of shredded hard drives is a great example of what happens to the storage devices when they go through our shredder.
The view you see here is looking down into the collection bin containing the pieces of shredded hard drives.
The end result is that the hard drives are physically damaged beyond repair.

secure hard disk destruction

A key benefit of our onsite drive shredding service is the way that our customer’s confidential data is protected.
We often hear in the news of nationally recognized corporations who have experienced data breaches. More often than not, this unauthorized access of sensitive data results in costly fines, and a subsequent loss of reputation for the company. A very effective way to prevent a potential data breach, is to make sure that the storage devices are properly destroyed.
Fortunately, our mobile service does an excellent job when it comes to protecting sensitive data.
In addition to destroying the drive platters, the mobile shredding also provides an excellent chain of custody.
Due to the fact that the hard drive destruction is done onsite, our customers are able to view the drive shredding process from start to finish.
If we use a laptop hard drive as an example, we can observe the hard drives being destroyed as they are inserted into the drive shredder and cut up into pieces. Practically speaking, from the time the storage devices leave your building, enter the hard disk shredder, and then the pieces exit the machine, the hard drives never leave your sight.


mobile hard drive destruction Near me

We often get the question, “Is your mobile hard drive shredding near me?” The short answer to this question is “Yes.” Of course, there are a few factors that must be considered. 
Here are the three main considerations in determining the availability of our mobile hard drive disposal service:
The first consideration is location. Our normal area of coverage is Metro Atlanta and the surrounding counties. However, our service is also available in other states, provided the amount of hard drives and surplus equipment justifies the trip.
The second consideration is the number of hard drives that need to be destroyed. We are often asked if there is a required minimum for our mobile hard drive shredding service. Since each case is different, it is best to give us a call regarding the amount of hard drives that need to be shredded. By the same token, there is no maximum on the number of hard drives we can destroy free of charge.
Our third consideration is the amount of surplus equipment we will be picking up. Although not required, we welcome any IT equipment you have that needs to be recycled. We are always glad to recycle:
Obviously, the more equipment you have, the better.
To sum it up, the availability of our mobile hard drive destruction near you is determined by the combination of location, amount of hard drives, and any e-waste that needs to be recycled. The best bet is to give us a call or email to determine how we can best serve your particular circumstances.
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How Much Does the Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Cost?

As your hard drive shredding company, we want to provide you with the best service possible. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by offering our hard disk disposal service at zero cost. Although other companies may charge a fee for each hard drive, our shredding and disposal service is absolutely free. Obviously, not having to pay a fee makes our onsite shredding extremely cost effective.
However, since we do not charge for our hard disk shredding service, we are often asked, “How can you provide free hard drive destruction?
The short answer is that customers who call us to have their hard drives shredded often have surplus IT equipment that needs to be recycled as well. It is through the recycling of this surplus ewaste that we are able to generate an income and provide for our families. Besides, offering our hard drive destruction and disposal service at zero cost allows new customers to get to know us risk free. As such, we feel confident that you will be glad to have us as your hard disk disposal company.