Ecycle Atlanta is Your Choice for Secure Data Destruction in Atlanta

When it comes to safely disposing of outdated laptops and PCs, it isn’t enough to simply throw them away. Most importantly, all sensitive information on your hard drive needs to be securely wiped clean. In order to accomplish this important goal, you will need to hire an expert. Data destruction in Atlanta is a job that needs the services of a trusted professional in the field. You do get what you pay for, and in this highly important area you can not afford to skimp or cut corners. It requires the services of a professional company like Ecycle Atlanta, which can offer suggestions and more information on how to handle disposing of your most sensitive information.

Securing your data is a job best left to a professional service

Discarding outdated electronic equipment carries with it more than its fair share of hazards. For starters, many computers contain chemical elements, such as chromium and radium, that can have toxic effects on the local environment. These ingredients must not be allowed to be dumped into landfills or bodies of water. Apart from dangerous environmental impacts, those pieces of equipment carry security risks. You don’t want to give up your confidential information to a cyber thief. Securing the services of a trusted professional is among the best ways to securely handle your data destruction.

Wipe your hard drive clean before you donate your computer

Before discarding your outdated laptops and PCs, it’s important to make sure that all of the sensitive and private data has been wiped clean. There are a number of software programs available that overwrite the files and make them inaccessible for recovery. Still, it’s always a good practice to personally witness the wiping of the hard drive prior to changing custody of your computer. Employing this method ensures yourself that this important operation has been completed.

Recycling your computer is the best way to ensure total security

If security is top of mind when deciding to replace your old computers, recycling is your best option. Dumping your computer in a nearby trash bin leaves it vulnerable to be accessed by criminals and mined for data. Even a securely overwritten hard drive can be recovered by a determined hacking expert. When you dump your computer in an unsafe fashion, you’re simply asking to be hacked. Carelessness with dated equipment containing unsecured data makes you, as well as your employees and clients, extremely vulnerable.

Why take this risk? There’s a far safer solution for secure disposal. A top suggestion would be to donate your computer to a local recycling expert. Donating your old electronic equipment for recycling ensures that all of its components are disposed of properly.

For secure data destruction in atlanta, contact ecycle atlanta today

When it comes to ensuring secured data destruction in Atlanta, the options are a lot better than they were a decade ago. But all options are not created equal. It is important that you do your homework. Ecycle Atlanta has a distinguished record of excellent service in the city. You can call upon them to pick up your discarded electronic equipment and dispose of it in a safe and efficient fashion. This is a service that Ecycle Atlanta provides to area businesses. Contact Ecycle Atlanta to get started today.

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