Data security is a major concern for everyone…

and something we take very seriously at Ecycle Atlanta. Your confidence in the security of your data is extremely important to us. That is why our first priority in any job is to protect both the data and privacy of our clients.To accomplish this goal, we provide secure HDD data destruction, plus the removal of asset tags and other identifiers as well. Once completed, we give you a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

We have the ability to implement any of the following methods in securing data

  • Sanitization according to manufacturer’s standard.
  • Wiping drives to Department of Defense standards.
  • Physical blunt force to damage the drive beyond repair.
  • Hard drive shredding.

Added level of Security

There are several options that your office can add to the level of security if you deem necessary. Based on the degree of sensitivity of the data, your company may choose to perform any of the following:
  • Wipe/sanitize all hard drives in-house prior to our pick-up.
  • Remove HDDs from computers and retain physical custody.
  • Physically damage HDDs prior to our pick-up.
Again, these are additional options available to you that can be combined with our HDD data destruction. We will do whatever is necessary to provide you with the greatest confidence in the security of your data.

Chain of Custody

Pick-up → Wipe/data destruction → Final destination
Maintaining the proper chain of custody is an essential security component during the HDD data destruction process. At Ecycle Atlanta, we maintain complete control of your data, from the time we receive it at your facility, until it reaches its final destination. In addition, our security precautions mandate that nothing leaves our facility until it has been sanitized. Just one more reason to trust us with your data.
Let our experienced team provide you with peace of mind data destruction. Contact us today.