New Customer: City of McDonough IT Department

We are excited to welcome the City of McDonough as our new customer!

Today we were able to provide our secure hard drive shredding service for the City of McDonough IT Department.

The operation was the result of a request by Steve Sikes, Technology Services Director, to conduct the shredding onsite.

The purpose of destroying the hard drives on location was to allow the IT staff to visually verify the data destruction. Of course we were more than happy to grant Steve’s request.

One of the benefits of our particular HDD shredder is that it gives us the flexibility to offer mobile data destruction.

As such, we brought our 16′ box truck and set up shop in the parking lot at City Hall. From there it was just a matter of bringing the hard drives out to the truck to be destroyed.

Needless to say, the entire operation went off without a hitch.

City Hall parking lot hdd shredding
Jeff Shenning (left) and Steve Sikes (center) discuss hard drive shredding for the City of McDonough.
Onsite hard drive destruction
Aerrigo Evans (right) with the City of McDonough IT Department observes the hdd shredder at work.

There are several advantages to housing the hard drive shredder inside the truck.

The first is that any work-related noise is kept to a minimum, as the truck does an excellent job of insulating the sounds of hard drives being destroyed.

Secondly, the area of operation is limited to the equivalent of two parking spaces. As a result, City Hall was able to conduct business as usual without any interruptions.

Perhaps the best part of all is that our hard drive shredding service is provided free of charge.

Subsequently, the City of McDonough IT Department was able to destroy their digital data at zero cost.

Not only did we gain a new customer, but we were able to provide them with a valuable service right off the bat. A win/win for everyone.


You can read about our free hard drive shredding service here.