Electronics Recycling Event in Henry County

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Ecycle Atlanta recently teamed up with the Henry County Stormwater Department for their electronics recycling event.

electronics recycling event in Henry County

Held at the Jason T. Harper Event Center in McDonough, the electronics drop-off collection proved to be a huge success.

In fact, by the end of the day, over 23 gaylords of old computers, monitors, and other electronics had been collected.

The overwhelming response to the electronics recycling event reinforced the need to provide a means to safely dispose of accumulated e-waste.

"I was so encouraged by the community support we received that showed what a difference we can all make when we actively demonstrate and promote social and environmental stewardship of our shared water resources." Angelo Teachout, Environmental Outreach Coordinator for the Henry County Stormwater Department stated.

Instrumental in the development and implementation of the electronics recycling event, Angelo Teachout added, “Pollution prevention and sustainable waste management are everyone's responsibility."

Both Teachout and Melissa Robinson, Public Information Director for Henry County, played a key role in promoting the event, and did a phenomenal job in getting the word out.

electronics recycling event Ecycle Atlanta

Details of how, when, and where were easily available to the public, including information as to which electronics qualified for recycling. As such, a list of over 90 acceptable items was published on the Henry County Stormwater website.

Most of the items listed could be donated for recycling free of charge, and included old electronics such as:

electronics recycling event

Desktop Computers



Cell phones


Cables and cords








However, items such as televisions and CRT monitors did require a nominal fee, which was paid at the time of drop-off.

To protect any personal data that may have been stored on the devices, all hard drives were removed and shredded by Ecycle Atlanta, free of charge.

In summary, the electronics recycling event hosted by the Henry County Stormwater Department provided the community a means to recycle their e-waste in a safe and responsible manner.

Old electronics that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill were instead brought in for a proper disposal. Not only did this event allow the citizens of Henry County to get rid of some unsightly clutter, but it also provided a welcome boost to the environment.

“It was an honor to have been chosen by Henry County to partner in their electronics recycling event.” Jeff Shenning, president of Ecycle Atlanta stated. “We look forward to being of service for additional events in the near future.”

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