How Ecycle Atlanta Recycles Your Old IT Equipment Safely and Securely

old IT equipment

When donating or discarding of your old IT equipment you want to do it right. And by right that means being responsible enough to not compromise information that may have been contained on your hard drives. Observing safety protocols are essential in ensuring sensitive information isn’t given away to thieves. So, when donating the outdated IT equipment, hand it to a service that appreciates your need for safety and security. This is the most important security criterion for you to consider when you decide to donate old laptops and PCs to a recycling service.


When It’s Not Enough to Delete Data, You Can Bring Out the Big Guns


Of course, there are certain circumstances where merely deleting all of the precious data off your hard drive won’t quite accomplish the desired effect. In such cases, it’s time to get out the big guns. You can rely on Ecycle Atlanta to handle the complete shredding of your hard drive in the most literal fashion. The company can attend to the thorough destruction of the hard drive, thus making sure that no data will ever escape. If your peace of mind won’t be complete until the drive is destroyed before your eyes, just let Ecycle Atlanta know. We’ll be more than happy to comply with your desire.


Safe and Secure Data Destruction is the Hallmark of Successful Recycling


With outdated IT equipment, you want to make sure it and its information is handled properly. You certainly don’t want to discard it at the nearest landfill or body of water. Given the chemicals used to make them, you don’t want to do anything that would contribute wrecking your local environment. Nor do you want to damage your own reputation should it be discovered you aided in some catastrophe. Doing it right benefits everyone.


Ecycle Atlanta gladly accepts the safe and timely donation of all of your unwanted laptops and PCs. The company will oversee the complete deletion of all data from your hard drive, and will even shred the drive completely if you so desire. We will also recycle the rest of the components in a safe and secure manner. Contact Ecycle Atlanta to learn more about properly disposing of old IT equipment.