5 Signs That Your Computer is Too Old

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computer is too old

They may be cumulative, but there are obvious signs that indicate your computer is too old. Nothing lasts forever, and it’s up to you to make the right decision when the time comes to replace old office tech. A reasonable way to handle the issue is to make the responsible choice to junk your old computer in an environmentally-safe way. Here’s a few of the most common signals that your computer is getting too old to be useful anymore.


The First Sign That Your Computer Is Too Old

Among the first signs is a fan on the fritz, a sure sign of failure of your system fan. If the fan becomes noisy while operating, or sometimes comes to a full stop for minutes at a time, this is an excellent sign that the system is beginning to wear down. While you may certainly get your fan examined and replaced if necessary, if it’s been five or six years since you bought your computer, it may well be time to replace it altogether. The fan is usually the first thing to go, but a whole lot of additional failures could be waiting in the wings.


Frequent System Glitches Are A Bad Sign

Does your computer take ages to boot up? Do horizontal lines appear across the screen at random times? When you try to name, rename, or move files, do you get frequent error messages? If so, those are signs your hard drive is beginning to wear out. Once this occurs, it could mean curtains for your laptop or PC.


Frequent System Crashes, Especially When You Open Windows

If your system frequently experiences crashes, especially when you try to open Windows, this is a very bad sign. Booting up Windows should be the first thing that any new computer “learns” how to do. If your computer has “forgotten” how to do this incredibly basic and simple task, it’s a tell tale sign that “digital Alzheimer’s” is beginning to set in.


Folder And File Names Becoming Scrambled Or Inexplicably Altered

Have you suddenly noticed that the names of your files are all altered beyond recognition? When you try to drag up certain files, does your computer seem to have forgotten about them altogether? Have some of them been suddenly deleted? If you are suddenly noticing that a simple task like trying to access basic files is getting to be too much of a heavy lift for your computer, it’s an unmistakable sign that the end is very near.


Does It Take An Eternity To Do The Simplest Things?

Perhaps the ultimate sign that your computer is at the end of its service life is when it begins to take a ridiculously long time to perform the simplest tasks. Does it take several minutes to boot up? Has loading the Internet become a tedious waiting game? Does half of a “Friends” rerun go by while you attempt to access your email or other files? If this is the case, it’s time to replace your computer.


If all of these issues have become regular occurrences, face it: your computer is too old. Now the question is: How do you get rid of it responsibly? Ecycle Atlanta has the answer. We’ll pick up your old computer at your place of business for free. It’s the smart and safe way to go. To schedule a pick up at your office, contact Ecycle Atlanta.